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Procurement Manager, Wind Power - Sweden

Procurement & Purchasing
Ref: 97 Date Posted: Thursday 18 Apr 2019
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The Procurement Manager is a team member within the procurement department and has overall responsibility for the procurement of wind turbines (WTG), balance of plant (BoP) and the necessary insurances (Construction all Risk (CAR), Third Party Liability (TPL), Marine Cargo (MC)) needed during the construction phase.

The Procurement Manager is a vital part of the project team and will be the one handling the main negotiations with all suppliers and contractors in the project. The PM is responsible to handle the internal contact with the Project Engineer (PE), Construction Project Manager (CPM), Transaction Project Manager (TPM), Development, Procurement Officer (PO) and Legal advisors and decide upon the strategy, negotiation, commercial topics and risk management of the contracts and the procurement process.


Responsibilities include

Development phase (low workload);

  • Support during the development phase, early budget assumptions and technology input.

Sourcing phase (low workload);

  • Support during the sourcing phase, early budget assumptions and technology input.

Realisation phase (high workload);

  • Responsible to set the procurement strategy of the wind turbine supply agreements (TSA), BoP contracts and Operational and Maintenances agreements (OMA) in the project/s, thinking outside the box and coordinate and align with team members for the possibility of bundling projects to lower the prices and/or gain more suppliers.
  • Responsible and accountable to plan, procure and negotiate TSA and BoP contracts.
  • Responsible and accountable to plan to procure and negotiate OMA for the WTG and BoP.
  • Stakeholder management within the procurement process, involving the different team members TPM, (Construction Project Manager (CPM), Project Engineer (PE), legal advisors, grid and construction engineer that are required to accomplish the procurement work.
  • Responsible to define the scope, plan and procure the CAR and potentially the OAR insurances with the necessary coverage for the construction of the wind farm projects.
  •  Responsible to limit the risks in the contracts during the procurement including interface risks between the contracts including the end investor contract.
  • Support the Construction Project Manager in developing a budget and construction time schedule and in identifying and mitigating the project risks and interfaces.
  •  Support the Engineering team in technological choices that have implications on price, quality and risk in the contracts, challenge the scope and the scope price   
  • Support the PMT team in discussions and negotiations with the end investor and having close communication with them to understand what procurement deliveries that are needed/expected in the different phases of the realization.
  • Responsible to supervise the relevant contract clauses and appendices in the agreement with the investor.
  •  Responsible to identify areas of improvements outside the project team (for instance, bundling different projects, or moving time schedules to get a competitive advantage). The suggestion should be escalated to the Team Lead Procurement (TLP) or the Head of Department outside the project to try to get the best result for the company.
  •  Responsible to analyse and document the different suppliers in areas like credit risk, order backlog as part of the soft decision shortlisting criteria

Construction phase (low workload);

  • Support the construction project manager during the construction phase, helping and supporting legal and claim issues with the contractors/suppliers.
  • Claim management towards insurance.
  • Capturing the lessons learned and applying in new contracts.

Operational phase (low workload);

  • Support during the defects liability period of the operational phase, helping and supporting legal and claim issues with the contractors/suppliers.
  • Capturing the lessons learned and applying in new contracts
  • Updating the price and cost database

Non-project procurement responsibilities:

  • Project manage the work of evolving the contract templates and the way we work to lean the procurement process including aligning internal stakeholders needs/expectations for updates of the contract templates
  •  Be aware of changes in laws and legislation that affects the procurement process.
  • Maintain a good relationship with contractors/suppliers even though we are not doing any project with them at the moment and to learn of new technology releases.
  • Finding and evaluating new contractors/suppliers. Develop a network of suppliers and contact regularly wind associations to get information of the contractors that try to be active in the markets.
  • Evaluate and monitor WTG and BoP contractors/suppliers economic situation in every project before shortlisting, WTG suppliers evaluation will be done with the help from consultants (credit risk analysis)
  • Follow up on the contractors/suppliers own quality program and look into their processes, production capabilities and installation quality. (not only related to our projects)
  • Market intelligence (Projects signed, cost of the projects, type of WTGs, etc)
  • Strategic procurement development.
  • Generate and update a database with the costs of the different items in the projects.


Background & Requirements;

  • Wide and general knowledge of contracts, contract and interface risk management and negotiations is essential.

Expert knowledge on;

  • Negotiations
  • Commercial management  
  • Contract risk management
  • Good communication both internal and external
  • Problem-solving
  •  Planning ahead

In-depth knowledge about;

  • Commercial aspects of the negotiations and construction.
  • Different type of construction and supply contracts (FIDIC, ABT, ABA, etc.)
  • Technical knowledge of Construction Works of Civil, Electrical Works and WTGs.

Good understanding of;

  • Claim management
  • Legal aspects regarding the contracts.



Our client specializes in developing, constructing, financing and managing Renewable Energy Power plants. They are headquartered in Sweden and are one of the leading developers in Northern Europe.


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