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Electrical Project Manager, Wind Power


Job Ref: 272

Date Posted: Monday 5 Oct 2020


Valorem is a vertically integrated green energy operator (226 people and 5 subsidiaries), offering a range of renewable energy solutions while guiding and supporting local authorities and its partners at every stage of a project: surveys, development, financing, construction, operational oversight and maintenance. Its headquarters and principal entities are in Bègles, France.

In Finland, Valorem is currently involved in several projects (+500 MW under development and 70 MW under construction).


THE POSITION - Electrical Project Manager, Wind Power

The electrical project manager is responsible for following the grid connection process and carrying out electrical work on renewable energy parks, in compliance with contractual commitments and safety rules.



  • Ensures the realization of electrical studies, and considering the technical constraints (environment, land, local standards...) and the specificities of requests formalized by "internal contractors":
  • Defines and organizes its studies by choosing and applying the appropriate and effective methods
  • Collects and analyzes the necessary data on plans and / or in the field
  • Models electricity networks, perform simulations until convincing results of connecting power plants to the network are obtained
  • Draws the appropriate operational conclusions (proposal of alternative optimized connection solutions, etc.)
  • Formalize its results: plans, preliminary calculation notes (single-line, section of cables, etc.) ...
  • Carry out and supervise with the system operator (TSO & DSO) all connection procedures (management and follow-up of administrative requests at the expense of the MO), grid connection agreement but also other DSO/STO agreements like substation planning agreement and powerline planning agreement, negotiation of delay and cost, commissioning and energization of the site[WD1] .
  • Ensures and coordinates technical assistance missions in the development and construction of renewable energy sites (study and consulting services): definition of equipment for their sizing, drafting of Scope Of Supply consultation and selection of suppliers and / or service providers, planning, monitoring and validation of works, achievements, materials, monitoring and lifting of reservations, ... in conjunction with the pilots of the renewable energy site project.
  • Supports the execution of work in the field of electricity on construction sites.
  • Guarantees compliance with electrical safety rules and Finnish electrical design standard. Validates the results of the work on behalf of the Project Engineer and define the follow-up to be given.
  • Monitors and validates the works, achievements, materials, reserves etc ... in connection with the project pilots.
  • Respects and enforces the QHSE processes and procedures. Scrupulously follows the safety instructions relating to carrying out electrical work on site.
  • Manages project documentation: development, updating and control of contractual and regulatory compliance of documents defining the architectures and equipment, execution documents
  • Considers all the challenges of the projects and activities of his department.
  • With a transverse and proactive vision, provides advice and formulates recommendations to everyone in the VALOREM Group and to customers.
  • Is part of a collaborative approach with all internal and / or external stakeholders concerned by the subjects. 
  • Intervenes when needed in support of colleagues in the service, shares knowledge, methods, and experience. Especially collaborative and close work with the French electrical teamwork.
  • Ensures the watch in the electrical field (technological developments, technical standards, regulations, and administrative procedures). Share them with the actors concerned.
  • Ensures the traceability of its work and reports on its activities according to the QHSE procedures.
  • Implements a continuous improvement process. Capitalizes on the knowledge and know-how developed.



  • Graduation from an accredited college or university with a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering or a related field, and minimum 5 years of progressively responsible experience in electrical engineering.
  • Knowledge of mathematics required in complex electrical computations.
  • Knowledge of modern training and safety practices.
  • Knowledge of occupational hazards and safety.
  • Formalization in writing and orally of the results of work
  • English proficiency
  • Commitment to progress, innovation and improvement
  • Pro-activity
  • Strong autonomy
  • Sense of teamwork - Collaborative/partnership approach (internal or external actors)
  • Creativity and confidentiality

Simon Evans-Jones
+358 (0) 9 7515 4111

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